Groups of people snowshoeing in the mountains

Winter hiking and snowshoe hiking in Zillertal in Tyrol

Hiking in the peace of the winter landscape

Glittering snow fields, fir branches creaking with snow, clear winter air and blue sky: Winter holidays in Zillertal in Tyrol are heavenly, not only on the piste! You will get even closer to nature during winter and snowshoe hikes where you can perfectly slow down far away from the hustle and bustle. Trudge off into the winter adventure right from the doorstep of the Hotel Lamark.


On cleared winter hiking paths, you will not need any special equipment except for solid winter boots. It is different if you want to hike in the deep snow: In order to walk there without sinking in with every step, you will need special snowshoes that are worn in addition to your winter boots. From short walks through the village Hochfügen to sporty tours with several metres of altitude, there will be something for every level.

Enduring winter hikers can hike through the whole Zillertal – to the north in the direction of Strass or to the south in the direction of Mayrhofen along the Ziller promenade.


At the ski rental skiCHECK right at the hotel you can rent snowshoes.


Discover the experience of snowshoe hiking accompanied by a competent mountain guide! In Hochfügen, a guided snowshoe hike will be organised every day during the winter season. The equipment is included and you do not need any previous experience. Please note that you need to reserve your place in time. Those who want to explore the surroundings at night for a change and hike under the starry sky, just join one of the night or full moon hikes through the mountain world of Zillertal.

Enjoy a snowshoe hike in Hochfügen to mix up your ski holidays a little bit or spend every day of your holidays in Tyrol with your favourite gentle winter sport. No matter if you walk alone, with your significant other or with the children - snowshoe hiking not only improves your endurance but also brings you very close to the winterly nature.

We will be happy to give you tips and recommendations for a suitable snowshoe hike at the Hotel Lamark. Get your room at the ski hotel at the piste already today and book online - or send us your no-obligation enquiry!