summer season 2024
at Hotel Lamark
runs from 17 June to 29 September 2024

Climbing in your holidays in Zillertal

The most beautiful outdoor via ferratas in Tyrol

Passionate climbers and boulderers will find the optimal conditions in our Zillertal to pursue their favourite sport. For here you will encounter one predominant stone type that you absolutely need for climbing: granite. Its hardness and good rubbing quality offers the perfect preconditions for safe climbing fun.

From our 4-star Hotel Lamark in Hochfügen, endless possibilities to climb will lie at your feet – in all levels of difficulty and heights. It is the meeting point if you are looking for some more challenging mountain adventures than the beautiful hiking paths could offer. For if you go outdoor climbing in Zillertal, you will need the right equipment and technique to tackle the rocks and make use of steel cables, clips and ladders to get to the top. A physical experience that more and more people learn to love – also our guests.


To start with, it will certainly pay off to pay a visit to the Kletterzentrum Zillertal. Here you can get familiar with different climbing techniques and buy your first climbing equipment. Also the youngest among you can get to know the joy of this special type of sport in climbing courses and training camps.

With a bit more climbing experience, the different climbing gardens and via ferratas in Tyrol will captivate you. Their fantastic names such as “Manitou”, “Ego nein danke” or “Dopamin” already give hints about the challenges that will wait for you there. Of course they are also filed in different categories so that it will be easy to find a suitable climbing route. This is the place where adrenaline junkies and experienced climbers, but also beginners and children, pass the rope on to each other. They all love the close experience of nature and the feeling to push the personal limits. An absolute must!


Climbing without a rope and harness on rocks and walls – this climbing technique has become known for quite some time. It is especially popular among climbers who find too little challenge in classic climbing and who want to brachiate up a natural rock without climbing equipment such as rope and carabiner.

Climbing needs strength: In our Hotel Lamark you will find the ideal culinary basis for outdoor climbing in Zillertal. We will indulge you with a delicious breakfast buffet and outstanding cooking at the restaurant. Of course we will also give you some tips on your climbing technique and climbing equipment - we are looking forward to your booking!


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