Your holidays at the Hotel Lamark****

An overview of our measures for your and our safety

Even if we cannot welcome you with open arms when you arrive we are happy to see you again and offer you for your holidays “at home at the Lamark” much room to feel good.

It is our highest priority to make your holidays with us at the Hotel Lamark as pleasant and safe as possible. Therefore we have devised a safety concept for you and our staff. This will of course always be updated according to the newest governmental regulations.

your arrival and departure

Please observe the country-specific travel regulations.

We ask you to help us to put the safety measures into practice.
Should you have any Corona symptoms such as fever, cough, no taste or limb pain we ask you to not begin your holidays and to inform us. Please only come if you are healthy! If you can’t come because you have fallen ill with Corona or have been quarantined at home, your cancellation costs will normally be covered by your insurance. Should you have to depart earlier we will find an individual solution which is feasible for everyone.

At the Hotel Lamark, we cooperate with the Europäische Reiseversicherung which also covers all cancellations due to a Covid-19 case.

At the check-in at the Hotel Lamark we ask you to keep distance to other guests at our reception and to do your check in at the place assigned to you by our staff.

We ask you to use the lift in the house only with persons from your family/household.

Pack your protective mask

Please do not only think of your ski clothes, bathing suit and sun glasses, but also your mask. In case you forget the “must-have” of the season, we will offer you reusable masks for sale at our reception.

Let us welcome you

We will welcome you very warmly, but refrain from shaking hands for the moment. We also save hugs for later. But let us assure you:
We look forward to your visit!

Your room will be ready for you from 3.00 pm.

In the name of common attentiveness and living together we kindly ask you to adhere to our check out time and clear your room until 11.00 am so that the intervals for cleaning and disinfecting can be worked off for all our guests.

HYGIENE & safety

Cleanliness has always been an absolute must for us. At the moment, we handle disinfection still more meticulously and steadily clean all areas with disinfectants. With our cleaning concept by the company Hollu and the involved higher cleaning and disinfection intervals we care for all our guests and employees.

For clean hands
As you cannot wash your hands everywhere we have numerous disinfectant dispensers for your in the hotel

Window contacts
Wherever you meet a person at a counter we have installed protective shields for an even safer feeling.

Your clean room
Hygiene has always been our highest priority. All rooms are cleaned thoroughly every day and cleaned with disinfectants according to the current hygiene standards.


Even if it is impossible for viruses to be transmitted in the pool water: We have thoroughly cleaned all pools at the Lamark spa and filled them with fresh water from the Hochfügen spring. In addition you will find some new internal standards in the spa area which will not affect your recreation.

Please keep distance
No matter if in the sauna or in the pool: Please always keep a distance of at least 1 metre between you and other guests.

The concrete distancing rules
We ask everyone in the lounges and resting places, in the saunas and steam baths as well as in the prepared and chlorinated pools to keep a general minimum distance of one metre. It is possible to temporarily refrain from the recommended minimum distances.

In saunas & steam baths
At the moment our sauna masters are not allowed to circulate the hot air in the saunas. Apart from that you can fully enjoy your sauna experience. Please observe the minimum distance (at least 1 metre) to other visitors - at the moment you do not have to wear a mask in the sauna

In the pool and whirlpool
Please observe the minimum distance of one metre to other visitors. Apart from that you can fully enjoy your bathing fun. Of course you do not have to wear a mask in the water.

Massage dates
Massage treatments can take place without restrictions.


In addition to the meticulous observance of all safety and hygiene measures you can take one thing for granted: You can look forward to a very tasty restaurant visit.

Clean enjoyment
Hygiene and cleanliness have also always been the top priority in our kitchen and in the restaurants. At the same time we ask you to keep enough distance (at least 1 metre) to other guests at the buffets and in the seating area. At the entrance of the buffet area you will find a possibility to disinfect your hands, also disposable gloves are available. You are free to wear your mask here.

For a relaxed start of the day
You can enjoy our Lamark breakfast buffet to the full as usual between 8.00 and 10.00 o’clock. In order to avoid crowds in the rush hour, the buffet was expanded and distributed to several areas and reorganised.

Take place at one table which we have allocated to you at dinner.
Payment of the consumed goods/room bill
You can let your consumed goods and services be added to your room bill to avoid cash. We kindly ask you to sign the bill at the table with your waiter.
Your menu card is only printed for your table - every table has an individual copy which is printed anew every day. Menus which are handed to you in a wipeable envelope are disinfected regularly by our service team.

What else is important for us?

Individual responsibility
When you visit us we automatically assume that you are healthy. We call upon your individual responsibility. If you have a current medical certificate you can bring it. At your express request tests by experienced doctors can be arranged for you quickly and easily.

At the end of your holiday
Even if you do not want to think of your departure now, we would like to give you something to remember: Please pay on the evening before your departure - if possible - cashless.

Look after yourself, look after us
Unfortunately we cannot give you are health guarantee, neither for every guest nor for every employee. But we are confident that we can all together do our part to prevent a further spread of the disease. Therefore we call upon your individual responsibility and your compliance with the new rules in our everyday life together.

Possible changes
We adhere to all governmentally prescribed rules do everything to protect your and our health and safety. At the same time we want to flexibly react to restrictions or relaxations in the individual areas. Therefore we will keep you up to date on all measures, constantly adapt them and reserve the right to make changes.

Should you have any questions or wishes you can always reach us under +435280225 or!

We look forward to seeing you again!
Cordial greetings, the Fankhauser family and the whole Lamark team