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To get you in the right mood for your restaurant visit, read here what critics write about our awarded restaurant in Hochfügen:


For us, the term "old-fashioned" has no negative connotation. Why should you change things when they've proven themselves over many years? So there are wild salmon tartare with caviar, goose liver terrine with quail breast, turbot with Périgord truffle and saddle of lamb. The dice with crispy wild salmon tartare and caviar brings the taste buds on working temperature right at the beginning. Simply sensational is the amuse-gueule right after the first course in form of a lamb cup with bear's garlic and a well matured brie placed above it: intense, surprising and absolutely delicious. Even if the following courses had a retro chic look - in taste they were up to date. The quail breast with goose liver and filled morel tasted delicious. There were several highlights this evening. We explicitly want to mention the turbot with crust of bread crust on potato mousseline and Périgord truffles - great classical music simply can't get any better. And also the saddle of lamb with roasted asparagus tips is hard to imagine. The strawberry chocolate dessert tasted great, which was served in two courses. The wine accompaniment fitted perfectly, which takes personal preferences into consideration. Surprisingly, friends of natural wine also get their money's worth, although the focus is on traditional taste. The wide range of very interesting and extremely fairly calculated wines in the mid-price segment is pleasing. Other hip restaurants may dominate the pages of colourful magazines with modern architecture and urban concepts - for us this traditional restaurant, in which the patron Alexander Fankhauser still follows his passion, remains one of the best in our country.

Critique A LA CARTE 2019:

96/100 Points

We are high up in the ski area, in the restaurant of the big Sporthotel of the Fankhauser family. Right here is the main place of activity of Alexander Fankhauser, who has also been a successful television chef for many years. Above all, however, he continues to assert himself with his (Michelin-) starred restaurant at the upper end of the culinary universe. His handwriting is, as we believe, even more subtle. Just like the menu as a whole captivates with its simplicity, which is known to be particularly difficult to achieve. Salt or spices are used very sparingly, the natural identity is spared - and so is the guest, because the food is very digestible. Everything is carefully arragend but fortunately without turrets and garlands. Beside the Tyrolean roots, it is obviously Viennese influences that are increasingly Fankhauser's menus manifest themselves - he's proved enough that he is also the Haute Cuisine. A small excerpt from our menu: Aubergine and orange: sensitively and brilliantly composed. Blood sausage brulade with Norway lobster: delicious black pudding in cabbage leaf, the Norway lobster beautiful combined, almost overwhelmingly aromatic. Pink roasted saddle of lamb with Périgord truffles and celery piccata: perfect meat, as well as the sides. Finally, an inspiring dessert in two courses: Crispy dough with pistachios and sour cherry parfait, cherry dome with milk mousse, pistachio mousse. The whole menu was timed perfectly and the wine accompaniment was ideal. If we had anything to criticize, it would be the rather weak yellowish light, which did not show the food to its best advantage - complaining on a high comfort level. In terms of wine there is not much to say, it is simply all there, with focus on Austria and red Cuvées, and also the friendly Sommelière masters her profession.